Top 8 Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas in 2024

You have been left with the responsibility of planning the next Hen Party, and want to stand out from the crowd! However, coming up with non-traditional Hen Party ideas can seem like an impossible task…..

Trying to avoid all of the ordinary and typical Hen Party ideas can seem like a rather overwhelming job, but finding those non-traditional hen party ideas just take a little time and patience.

Plan a 90’s Themed Hen Party Dance Class

We have said it before and we will say it again – the City Dance Parties 90s themed Hen Party Dance Class will leave you and all your hens begging for more! Held in one of the one of the UK’s best venues, tunes that will take you back to the best era in dance, your own professional choreographer, free bubbly and a gift bag for the bride our very own 90s dance parties will go down a storm!

You can choose from a wide variety of the best Hen Party locations throughout the UK including Newcastle, London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. When you have the location decided you can then decide on the Hen Party package that would be best suited for your group. Secure with a small deposit and look forward to a 90s hen dance party like no other!

Horror Escape Rooms

Horror escape rooms

Becoming evidently more popular around the UK both Horror and general escape rooms are definitely a non-traditional Hen Party idea in 2024. Gather evidence, solve puzzles, take notes, find murder weapons and get ready ro be scared out of your wits!

Found the key, ready to escape? Make a run for it with your bride tribe and get the hell out of there! Think IT, Saw, Freddie Krueger and Halloween! Just make sure everyone is a fan of thrillers and horrors before you book up!

Bubble Football

Usually a popular choice with Stag parties,  but we have tried it before and it’s so much fun! Strapped into an air filled ball with you at the centre, head popping out the top and little legs at the bottom be prepared to be bashed, pushed, bounced and barged across a 5-a-side football pitch.

We know, it sounds a little bit extreme but we assure you, you will have the time of your life! Zorb Football has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime!

Hen Party Treasure Hunt

Hen Party Treasure Hunt

A great way to sample the delights of a full city before the big night out! A Hen Party Treasure Hunt is  a great day time hen party activity to break the weekend up. Collect your map of the city, your clues and away you go!

You can organise your own Hen Party Treasure hunt if you know the city and various attractions, or you can book directly with tour operator or dedicated hen party agency.

The Hen Party Mystery Coach Trip

Can you imagine? All the girls, an overnight bag and not a clue where you’re going? Well, as the organiser you will know so you have all the power (hehe!). The opportunities are endless with this un-traditional hen party idea!

You can head to one of the UK’s liveliest party cities, one of the finest spa’s, a country hotel, an airport or ferry port! Go on, push the boat out and surprise the hell out of everyone.

Boat Party

Hen Party Boat Party

Boats are most certainly one of the most exclusive places to party! If you are looking for a Hen Party with a twist then this is definitely it! Setting sail from your chosen destination, sailing down the river under a starlit sky, DJ on deck, great music, a fully stacked bar and your bride tribe!

Many of the boat tour operators also throw in some extras like club entry, free bubbly for the bride and catering! Depending on numbers you can also opt for your own exclusive boat party, own theme and chosen entertainment.

Hen Party Sports Day

On your marks, get set….go! Go back to the best days of your life, no not when you were single and loving life (joke)… we mean School! Plan your very own sports day! Make sure everyone packs their PE kit, trainers and a sweatband and get ready for a day of old school fun!

As the organiser you are the PE teacher for the day! Include the 100m sprint, the long jump, high jump, the sack race, obstacle course and not forgetting the good old egg and spoon race! Can the runners make there way to the start line please!

American Pool Competition

American Pool

Come one, who doesn’t love a good old game of pool? Rack em up, break em up, lose and your out – winners move on to the next round! Surround the tables with american platters of burger sliders, fries, beers, cocktails and some gift bags for the winners! This is a Hen Party tight? Why not book some butlers in the buff do keep the order – and get the drinks in!

You can hire out areas in dedicated American Pool halls throughout the UK. Make sure you opt for the half day so you have more than enough time to finish the competition, or a full day depending on numbers