Planning a hen party, but can’t find the city you’re looking for on our list of locations? No problem at all.

With locations outside of our central list of cities, we can absolutely accomodate a class for you, but just ask that you organise a venue for the class, and we can come directly to you. We’ve previously organised classes in cities/towns like Yeovil, Inverness, Taunton, Huddersfield, Stratford on Avon, Kent, Bradford On Avon, Aviemore, Cheltenham and more. You pick the place, and we can bring the class directly to you!

We are more than happy to assist in finding the venue for your dance class if you’re not sure where to start – it can be anything from a large room in your ‘hen house’, to a dance studio, function room, nightclub, hall, hotel or a gym studio. As long as there’s enough room to boogie, we can come straight to you, and can provide a sound system if necessary.

So drop us an email today, and see what we can do for your hen party dance class!



Are you planning a hen party and looking for a fun filled activity to keep your party entertained? Enquire today about our Hen Party Dance Classes!