How to Plan a Hen Party Abroad

So, you are looking to plan a hen party abroad? Well, it really is no different from planning a hen party in the UK. The only difference is the flights, and, oh yeah – you’re in a totally different country!! 

With many flight and tour operators offering cheap package deals and weekend breaks to some of the world’s best party destinations, your hen party abroad can often work our at around the same price as a hen party in the UK.  

So, round up your bride tribe, dig out the passports, get the sun cream at the ready and let’s take a look at ‘How to plan a hen party abroad’!

Set Up Your Hen Party WhatsApp Group

Set up WhatsApp Group

So, the first step to planning a hen party abroad is setting up your very own hen party WhatsApp group. Why? To make your life a whole lot easier! There are going to be other people attending the hen party abroad so you need to ensure that the hen party destinations & the dates are convenient for everyone in the group! 

Setting up a hen party WhatsApp group will also allow you to send prices, images, website links, costs and updates to the whole group with ease! 

It will allow your bride tribe to share their ideas, ask any questions about the hen party abroad & you will be able to communicate with everyone at once, rather than individual messages.

Choose Your Hen Party Destination

Hen Do Destination

Choosing the hen do destination is undoubtedly one of the most time-consuming tasks! However luckily for you, we have created the Top 10 hen do destinations in 2020 guide

We have covered everywhere from Ibiza and Benidorm, right through to Dubai and Cancun so make sure you check it out!

There are so many options available so discuss this is over a glass of wine with your bride tribe, or send the hen do destination options to your WhatsApp group. 

Better still, why not create a poll with this nifty little tool and send the link in the WhatsApp group. 

Let the bride tribe decide….

Select Yor Hen Party Activities

Hen Party Activities

When you have your poll back and you have decided on the hen party destination, its now time to pick your hen do activities! 

Remember, you are abroad so be creative with this! If you have booked through a hen party tour operator they will be able to help you with this, if not pick your own! 

What about a themed pool party, beach BBQ, Ibiza cocktail masterclass, a day trip to the water park, a good old bar crawl or a VIP table at a nightclub! 

Pack your days full of fun-filled activities, have the experience of a lifetime and create unforgettable memories! 

Confirm Prices With Your Bride Tribe

Hen Party Prices

You have decided on your hen party destination, selected all of your hen party activities and now it is all down to the price. If you have booked well in advance you can pay in instalments so find out what the breakdown is of the tour operator is and share this in the WhatsApp group. 

Ensure everyone knows what the deposit payment is to book when the additional payments are required and the final payment! This way everyone will have the time to set some money aside and save up some pennies for the hen party abroad!

Send The Hen Party Itinerary

Hen party to do list

Your hen party abroad is all booked! Woohoo. So everyone knows what is happening day to day send over your bride tribe a brief itinerary of what will be happening day-to-day so everyone is on the same page.

All they need to know is the day and what activities are planned for that day. Simple! Send this over in the WhatsApp group to create some excitement! It’s time to get prepped for the hen party of a lifetime!

The Day Before

Hen party night before

The time has come and you’re all set for the hen party abroad! As the hen party planner, you need to make sure that everyone is well prepared! Being a hen party there always time for a glass of prosecco or two at the airport. 

Let everyone know what time to be at the airport for pre-drinks, what time the flight is and any other important information you can think of. Everyone will be excited at this point so be prepared for lots of chit chat and last minute questions!


Planning a hen party abroad is the same process as planning one in the UK. The only difference is the flights and the weather! As the hen party planner, it is up to up to you to stay organised! You can use tools like Trello or Milanote to help you keep everything in one place, set to do’s and reminders, or just use a good old calendar! 

Remember, planning a hen party abroad should be fun! By planning everything in advance and having the right tools available to help you communicate and plan will ensure that you don’t become too overwhelmed with things!