Hen Party Drinking Games in 2024

Friend get’s engaged, the ladies get together and the talk of the Hen Party activities is in full flow – its time for a party!  One activity that has become ever more popular over the years is Hen Party drinking games

We all love a cheeky tipple now and again, and a Hen Party is the perfect excuse; all of the girls, drinks flowing, having the time of our lives! What could be a better way to break the ice, have a giggle and get the party started than with some Hen Party drinking games

So, we thought we would arm you with some of the best Hen Party drinking games so you are readily equipped for the next Hen Party

Let’s take a look at some of the best Hen Part drinking games in 2024.Hen Party Drinking Games

The Best Hen Party Drinking Games

Never have I Ever

Do you want to find out all of your bride tribes secrets, without them actually saying it?  OK, so the first step is making sure everyone has a drink at the ready!  Pop open the champers, top up the glasses and get ready to find out all of your friend’s seedy secrets! 

The name of the game is to say something aloud that you have never done before.  Everyone that has done what you haven’t must take a sip of their drink! For example, when you say “I have never kissed more than one man in one night”.  Those that have will take a sip of their drink. 

Make all of your friends admit their most embarrassing stories and secrets, so be careful what you say. This is one of our favourite Hen Party drinking games!

Never have I ever

Straight Face

When you’re slightly tipsy and the drinks are flowing it can be quite difficult to hide your emotions!  Straight face is a game to test you to the max! 

So, all of the bride tribe write something on a piece of paper, it can be funny, a secret no one knows or a joke.  All of the pieces of paper are put in the middle of the table upside down, mix them all up slightly and then each person has to pick one. 

The ones that cant keep straight face have to drink up! This game is best with shots. Down it, down it, down it!

Straight face

Most Likely

We all have that one friend that that is ‘most likely’ to do something!  This game will tell you what your friends really think of you! 

Your bride tribe all sit in a circle and asks a most likely question. For example, “Who would be the most likely to fart in front of strangers?”

After counting to three the group hen points to the person they think are most likely to do so. 

The person who has the most fingers pointing towards them must down their drink! 

A great Hen Party drinking game with giggles aplenty!

Most likely

The Cereal Box

Be careful with this one – the last time we played The Cereal Box I pulled a muscle so beware!  So as the name suggests, you need a cereal box for this Hen Party drinking game. 

Make sure the box is empty, we don’t want Rice Krispies flying around the room, although that would be fun. So, empty the cereal box and place it on the floor. 

Everyone must pick up the box with their mouth without touching the floor, so hands behind the back for this one!  The ones that are unable to pick it up, are out for round 2. 

Before round 2, a few inches are taken off the Cereal Box which makes it even harder. 

The game goes on and on until the achievable becomes unachievable and you have a winner. 

Don’t pull a muscle! 🙂

Attached At The Hip

If some members of your bride tribe haven’t met before this is a great ice breaker! 

This game will get them quite close, literally! 

So, the name of the game is to draw body parts on individual pieces of paper and put them all in the middle of the table. You then get into teams of two, with each member of the team selecting one piece of paper (two body parts). The team then have to connect both of their body parts! 

So player one selects a foot, and player 2 selects an arm then need to attach their body parts. 

The ones that become unattached first have to drink up! 

Attached at the hip


We hope you have provided you with some inspiration for your next Hen Party! Hen Party drinking games can really add some fun to the weekend’s shenanigans & get your night off to a great start! They also help bring your bride tribe closer and can create some great bonds and friendships!  

One thing we must mention is please drink responsibly. Yes, all of these games are fun but know your limits and don’t overdo it! 

Have fun and stay safe!