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Why Book A Grease Hen Party Dance Class? 

For the past forty years, Grease has been the word.

The perms, the skin-tight black pants, the music, not to mention the electric dance moves have stood the test of time and Hens all over the world still choose to party like it’s the 1950s for their Dos. And now, I’m it’s fortieth year, what better time to book in a Grease-themed Hen Party and dance like a rock ‘n’ roll party queen?

As well as having some of the best dance scenes, Grease is also renowned as having some of the most well-known songs in musical history – the fact that so many of them are based around a relationship means that the Grease theme will always be a perfect choice for Hens or Stags. Greased Lightnin’, We Go Together, Born to Hand-Jive and You’re the One that I Want all make for memorable and fun dance routines for everyone’s inner Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko.

London Grease Hen party Grease Hen Pink Ladies

I’d wager there are not many women who haven’t, at some point in their life, dreamed of donning the red lipstick, a pair of killer heels and strutting around like Olivia Newton-John – oozing power and allure and, frankly, having a roaring time. With City Dance Parties, you can do just that – all the while having a great laugh in a warm and bubbly atmosphere with one of our professional dance teachers. The bride gets a hen party gift bag, full of hen party accessories at the end of the party and everyone gets to wear some gorgeous ‘Pink Ladies’ jackets for the class – just like the ones in the film, so they can really feel and look the part.

Talk about Squad Goals.

City Dance Parties caters for dancers at any level our there who would love to loosen those hips, work up a sweat and learn some brilliant routines. With the moves you learn at the part, you’ll be well prepared to impress your ‘someone special’ on the dance floor for the big day! And whilst dressing up as Danny Zuko is not a prerequisite to taking part in an awesome Grease-themed City Dance Party, who wouldn’t want to see how electrifying they would look with the classic leather jacket and slicked back hair? At the very least it would provide excellent selfie opportunities and wonderful fodder for any best men needing to add the final touches to their speeches… But you didn’t get that idea from me!

Grease Hen party Dance Lift

Grease is the perfect class to get some hen party fancy dress on the go, and we’ve had brides being dressed up as Sexy Sandy Dee, and even Danny Zucko by their bride tribe. We love a bit of fancy dress, so more than encourage groups to get involved and dress up to the nines to really embrace a bit of 50’s Rydell High magic!

We’ve even had groups perform a Grease Megamix for the wedding…so if you’re looking for a routine to really wow the guests on your special day, just get in touch and we can choreograph something truly special for your wedding day, that will well and truly wow your guests. Talk about wedding inspiration!

Loads of photo opportunities, and a chance to video your final routine so you’ve got memories of your Grease Hen that’ll last forever. What better way to kick off your last night of freedom?

Not much else to say apart from…

Tell me about it, Stud.

Grease Hen Do Pink Ladies Jackets

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