90’s Hen Party

90’s Hen Party Dance Classes

Clueless, Tamagotchis, Union Jack Dresses and double denim…..the 90’s was certainly a decade to remember!  The internet was only just making its way into homes, Britney was yet to have a breakdown, and girl power was truly on the rise! It’s easy to see why so many of us are now looking back to a simpler time, when knee high boots were acceptable, the biggest worry we had was if Ross would end up with Rachel, and before we were all glued to our phones. So why not spice up your last night of freedom with a 90’s hen party extravaganza!

While some of us might choose to forget some of our more… unique fashion choices from the 90’s, I mean who doesn’t love wearing skirts over trousers (thanks B*witched), the iconic music of the 90’s was certainly not to be forgotten (um hello Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Spice Girls and S Club 7). So, when it comes to organising a Hen Party, is there really a better choice than a throwback to the fabulous 90’s?

Here at City Dance Parties, we can help you create a perfect Bespoke 90’s Dance Class that is sure to get even the most reticent of hen party dancers throwing shapes, and getting their 90’s groove on to take to the nightclub with the rest of your bride tribe that night!

If you’re looking for some classic 90’s throwback tunes to get you all boogieing, then why not go for a Britney themed class? Or, maybe you can’t resist the cries of zig-a-zig-ah, and you just really really really wanna have a good groove along to some classic Spice Girls?

Spice Girls Hen Party Dance ClassBritney Spears Hen Party Dance Class
90s Hen Party Dance Class

Whether you have a favourite throwback tune you want a routine choreographed to, or you would like a mash up of some of the greatest 90’s hits from your favourite forgotten artists, a 90’s Dance Class is the perfect choice for a Hen Party Dance Class. However, it’s not just hen parties we’ve had here at City Dance Parties, more and more Stag dos are looking for something a bit different to do, and the 90’s is a great choice for any guys looking to have a laugh or learn a routine that’ll have everyone smiling on the big day! (embrace your inner Justin Timberlake lads…you know you want to!).

We certainly see a HUGE range of dance styles and themes for our classes at City Dance Parties, but a 90’s Dance Class is a personal favourite of mine, as it’s a guaranteed giggle, packed with fun, cheesy tracks and everyone always throws themselves into it 100% and channels their inner Spice Girl! It’s a dance class that’s guaranteed to get everyone smiling, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to channel their inner sporty spice or bust a move to Vanilla Ice? Plus, it’s the perfect dance class to get some 90’s hen party fancy dress involved, and gives everyone a chance to get super creative with their costumes.

So why not dig out the platform shoes and book your 90’s Dance Class with City Dance Parties today! There’s just one question left……are you Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Posh or Baby?!?

Check out our Dance Experiences, Cities, or our 90’s Dance Classes for more info!

Spice Girls Hen Party Dance Class
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