Hen Party Accessories

Hen Party Accessories 

Hen party accesories are a staple part of any hen weekend, be it a few classy sashes for a classy city break, personalised hen party t-shirts for a weekend away with the girls in Ibiza, or full blown head to accessories for a themed hen weekend with your favourite ladies, there’s no denying that at some point in the wearing you’re going to be donning a sash, badge or hen party costume of some sort! The real question is….how far do you go when it comes to accessorizing? And what sorts of accessories should you pick?

making hen party accessories

The Hen Party industry is constantly expanding, which means you’re more and more spoilt for choice when picking out hen party costumes or accessories for your hen weekend!

Over the years, we’ve seen it all at our hen party dance classes; from 90’s Babes, to Zombie Hens,  personalised Hen Weekend t-shirts, classy hens with some hen party badges or sashes and plenty of inflatable penises, willy straws and teeny boppers along the way!

A personal favourite of mine was when a group of fabulous ladies, all aged around 50+, turned up on a Sunday morning for a burlesque hen party dance class, dressed to the nines in corsets, french knickers, stilettoes, suspenders and plenty of Burlesque accessories! Talk about getting into the spirit of things! Massive kudos to these hens, they were amazing, and certainly brightened up my Sunday at the time.

While dressing yourself up to be a Sunday morning Burlesque Beauty on a hen weekend is unquestionably fabulous, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Check out our top 5 categories for hen party accessories and let us know which one you fit into!

1.Making a statement

If you and your bride tribe love dressing big, bold and bright, then this is the category for you. As soon as you step off the train/out of the cab/off the plane, people know for sure you and your hen party mean business. Think bright colours, colour co-ordinating hen party T-shirts, personalised hen party sashes, hen party, whistles, badges, the lot. You’re not shy about letting people know you’re out on a hen weekend and here to have a good time!

hen party pink accessories posing

2. Keeping it classy

If a subtler, more sophisticated affair’s what you have in mind for your hen weekend, then you’re most definitely a classy hen party accessories gal. Maybe matching jewellery, coloured accessories or some chic personalised brooches or subtle hen party badges are up your street? Hot-to-trot and dressed to hit up the trendiest bars in any city on your hen weekend, you’re all about keeping it classy (and maybe leaving the willy straws at home…)


classy hen party beyonce class


3. With a theme in mind.

If you LOVE your fancy dress, and relish the thought of of hen party costume creating, then you must be a themed accessories lady! Whether it’s a vintage flapper girl hen weekend you’re planning, a neon 80’s hen do, complete with sweatbands, legwarmers and lycra, or even a burlesque babes weekend (get those corsets out, we know you want to!), the theme’s the thing for the weekend. Hen Party themes are a great way to bring everyone together and embrace a bit of a creative side on a hen weekend, and can really make you and your friends stand out from the crowd!


80's hen do costumes and accessories


4. Pink and powerful

Let’s talk pink. Pink dresses, pink headbands, pink personalised t-shirts, pink sashes, pink shoes, pink socks, pink juicy couture tracksuits, pink underwear, pink everything! We all know someone who loves a bit of pink, and what says ‘hen party’ more than a big band of ladies dressed to the nines in pink accessories marching through your town centre on a Saturday Night?  If you’re a lass that loves her pink, why not challenge yourself and your ladies whilst organizing a hen weekend by seeing how many different shades of pink you can squeeze into one outfit?

Newcastle hen party in pink sashes







5. Embarrass the Hen

Hen party surprises are often one of the most exciting parts of a hen weekend, but sometimes those surprises can definitely come at the Hen’s expense! If you and your best pals love to have a laugh together, aren’t afraid to look a bit silly sometimes, and like to occasionally wind each other up, then you fit into the ‘Embarrass the Hen’ category! Giant inflatable willies, silly wigs, ridiculous dresses and daft make up are par for the course on a hen weekend with you!

embarrassing hen party costume


Which hen party accessories category do you fit into? Sophisticated Hen, Embarrassing Hen or a Pink and Powerful Hen? Let us know!

Accessorizing can definitely make you stand out from the crowd on a hen weekend, and can really jazz up hen party activities like hen party cocktail classes or hen party dance classes!

Check out our range of hen party classes here!

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