Planning A Hen Party

Planning A Hen Party


planning a hen party


Having worked in the hen party industry for a number of years, no one understands better than us that planning a hen party can be quite an overwhelming task sometimes! While it’s obviously an honour to be entrusted by your best pal to organise her hen weekend or ‘Last night of Freedom’, it can sometimes be a slightly stressful challenge to take on!

With so many different opinions, ideas and requests about how to plan the perfect hen weekend from a large number of girls ,some of whom you may never have met before, it can be difficult to make decisions : Where to go on the hen weekend, where to eat or drink, where to boogie the night away and what hen party activities to choose from during the day (cocktail classes, dance classes, bootcamps….where to begin?!?).

Well, we thought we’d try and make things a little easier, and give you ladies a few tips when it comes to planning a hen party, so we’ve put together this little hen party guide, full of tips, suggestions and ideas on how to organize an unforgettable hen weekend! Grab yourself a cuppa, relax and enjoy:

1.Make a Date  : Sit down with the bride and set a date for the hen weekend. Usually around 4 weeks (give or take a few!) before the wedding is the perfect time for a hen party. The gap before the big day allows the group to have a little breather in the money department between the two events, and gives the bride a bit of time to recover!

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2. Communicate!  Some brides love having everything as a surprise on their hen weekend, but others like to be kept in the loop a bit more and have a bit more of an input on activities, themes etc. A bit of surprise is always nice, but it’s also good to make sure the bride’s not completely terrified and stressing because she’s worried about what’s going to happen over the weekend! Have a chat about the sort of things she’d like, what she’s previously enjoyed/hated when she’s been on a hen weekend in the past, and build it from there!


3. Give Plenty of Notice

Once the bride’s given you a list of people she wants to invite, and their contact details, get communicating ASAP! You want to try and avoid other weddings/big occasions and get as good a turnout for the hen night as possible. It’s going to be unlikely that you’ll get a full house, so don’t be too disheartened if a few of the group can’t make it. Perhaps avoid planning the hen party around public holidays like Easter, where any mums will want to spend it with their children.

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4. Keep an eye on the Hen Party budget

Although, for your best friend, you might want to plan the perfect hen do, packed full of amazing activities and hen party treats, remember that not everybody can afford a full blown 5 star weekend away! Communicate, and be realistic, weddings and hen weekends are expensive, and you don’t want people dropping out or feeling pressured because they can’t afford it.

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5. Variety is Key

Having a cheeky tipple or two is par for the course on a hen weekend, but remember that hen weekends aren’t all about drinking! Try and get a variety of hen party activities in the weekend: Afternoon Tea, a hen party dance class, cocktail classes and treasure hunts are just some of the activities you could organize when planning a hen party! Try to think of the bride’s preferences, and don’t try to jam pack too many activities into one afternoon! There’s nothing worse than spending a hen party constantly watching the clock and trying to make up time!
6. Offer Options

Bear in mind that some there’ll be a number of different girls at the hen do, all in different situations; some ladies may be pregnant, others mums, others on a tighter budget and others keen to try everything! Don’t force everyone to join in with every activity, but instead give people some options. Make it clear though that you need to know sooner rather than later what people can commit to though, otherwise you could end up with chaos near the end of the planning process!

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7.Pre-plan Travel!

Travel can add a whole other cost to a hen party, so it’s wise to get savvy and avoid surprise costs by pre – booking transport when plannign the hen weekend, that way no one’s stressing or complaining about extra costs! Book a mini-bus, taxi or pre-book trains to avoid major on the day stress!

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You’re celebrating a special weekend with one of your closest friends, so try not to get too bogged down by the stress and nitty gritty bits of planning a hen party. Enjoy it! It’s a special time, and will leave you, and your closest friends with some long lasting memories before the wedding!

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*We may be biased, but we’d also suggest booking a hen party dance class when planning a hen weekend. Everyone loves a good boogie, and it’s a fantastic hen party activity that everyone can join in with!


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