What to Wear on a Hen Party Dance Class.

What to wear for a hen party dance class?

So, you’ve booked a hen party dance class. Fantastic! It’s a great choice for a hen party activity, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

One of the questions we get asked most frequently by the hen’s before the hen weekend is ‘What should I wear for the class?’

There’s no ‘definite’ answer to this question, as it’s all about what’s going to make YOU feel comfortable, and enjoy your hen party dance experience as much as possible. However, we thought we’d compile this little guide with some tips, guidelines and ideas for how best to dress for your hen do dance class!

what to wear hen party

First things first, make sure you’re wearing something you can move in. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re limited to gymwear or a leotard and leggings, just maybe avoid any super tight jeans or restricting skirts or dresses that are going to limit any movement or feel uncomfortable to move in. There’s nothing worse than spending the whole of your hen party dance class constantly pulling your skirt or dress down, or worrying if your jeans are going to split every time you bend over slightly!
what to wear on a hen party

Get creative! Hen Party costumes are more than welcome for our dance classes. If you’ve got a specific hen party theme for your class or weekend, by all means get stuck in and get dressed up! If you’ve booked an 80’s Dance Class, get your neon headbands and legwarmers out, don some pink ladies jackets for a Grease dance experience, or even get your best flapper girl outfit on for a Roaring 20’s Class on a vintage hen weekend.

Fancy dress on a hen party can be such a fun idea to get you and your bridal party in the mood, although if it’s not for you, it’s definitely not essential either. Just make sure to keep comfortable, and wear something that’s not too restrictive! We’ve seen some fantastic hen party costumes over the years, and would definitely encourage groups to get creative and come up with some new and  different hen party ideas!

what to wear on a hen party

One thing that’s worth bearing in mind as you pack your bags for a hen weekend, is that you may get a bit hot and sweaty during the class. In the middle of summer, sometimes you might get a bit of a sweat on whilst really getting stuck into a 90’s Dance Megamix or Single ladies routine! If you’re heading straight out afterwards, maybe bring a t shirt or dress to change into after the class, just in case you want to freshen up afterwards!

what to wear on a hen party dance class

What you wear on your feet is often dependant on what venue your hen party dance class is in! Dance studios will usually only allow bare feet or soft soled shoes; heels are often a no, as studios will have spent a lot of money on their studio floors, and heels can damage them quite easily! If your class is in a function room or bar/nightclub, then some sort of shoe is definitely recommended!

What kind of shoe is absolutely up to you. For hen party classes that require a bit of hip movement, e.g. Burlesque, Dirty Dancing, Salsa or Strictly Come Dancing, a small heel can really help when it comes to getting those hips wiggling. However, please note the word SMALL heels! Wearing huge stilettos may seem like a good idea for a hen party dance class at first (I mean, to begin with, think about how Amazonian you’d look in hen weekend pictures!), however after 5 minutes, I can guarantee your feet will really start feeling the pain of blisters, sore arches, and general all round ‘ouches’. Not to mention, the increased risk of injury. A broken leg on a hen weekend is no fun for anyone. So keep the heels smallish, and bring a pair of flats in your bag in case you want to switch them for something comfier!

If you’re not a heels lady at all, again, they’re not an essential, so if you want to keep it casual with a pair of trainers or flats during your class, you absolutely can.


City Dance Parties Top Ten Tips for Packing a Hen Party Dance Class Bag

  1. Deodorant – You won’t regret it, especially on a hot day in the middle of July!
  2. If you’re bringing small heels for your hen party dance experience, pop a pair of flats in just in case you get a bit uncomfortable! You can get some fab fold up ones.
  3. If you want to get really stuck into the class, and get some Activewear, places like ASOS, Dance Direct, Pineapple Dance, Nike and Adidas are perfect for picking up some sexy sportswear. If you’re on a budget, Primark also has a fantastic range of sportswear, suitable for a dance class.
  4. Dry Shampoo – again, can be a saviour if your hairstyle drops at all during a class, or if you get a bit hot and sweaty during your final numbers!
  5. Get Creative! If you’ve got a costume, don’t hold back and get stuck into the hen party theme. Dressing up can be loads of fun.
  6. Bring a change of clothes – completely optional, but can mean you can slip into something nice and fresh after a class!
  7. A Camera! It’s always nice to get some snaps from your hen party class of you and your best girlfriends, so pop a camera in your purse so you can snap away!
  8. Wet Wipes – a quick, easy way to freshen up after a class if you dont have a chance to head back to the hotel room to shower!
  9. Hen Party accesories! Feel free to don hen party sashes, matching outfits, or any little accessories that will add a bit of sparkle to your class.
  10. Whatever you feel most comfy in! At the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time and enjoying yourself on your hen weekend. Don’t get bogged down in the details, just wear something comfy and enjoy!

We hope that’s given you a few handy tips on what to wear on a hen party dance class! If you ever have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. If you haven’t yet booked a class, you can check out out classes here or book now!

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