Burlesque Dance Classes : The Rise in Popularity


Burlesque Dance Classes

Out of all the dance parties we offer at City Dance for hen weekends, Burlesque Dance Classes definitely takes first place when it comes to popularity! So why do we love getting out  feathers, fans and embracing our sexy side on a hen party? What is it about Burlesque that makes it such a popular choice for a bride and her best friends to celebrate a Last Night of Freedom? We think we can shed some light about why Burlesque dance classes are definitely back and an incredibly popular idea for a hen party!

burlesque dance classes

With prominent burlesque performers like Dita Von Teese appearing more and more in mainstream media, and with films like Christina Aguilera’s ‘Burlesque’ hitting the big screens, Burlesque has gone from being a very rarely discussed, uber risque dance style, to something that’s embraced and openly talked about! It’s less about just impressing the men, but about building confidence and embracing your own saucy side, for you!

That’s why it’s perfect for a hen party; burlesque is a feel good activity that gets your hips moving, and puts you in touch with your inner, sultry diva. What better way to start a hen weekend than to explore a new, confident side of you that you don’t normally get to see? Especially in a relaxed environment, whilst having a giggle with some of your closest girlfriends, it’s a fantastic choice!

It’s also a great workout for the hips, core and legs…the perfect way to earn your hen party Gin and Tonics, without even feeling like you’re exercising! We can’t quite promise you the Dita Von Teese 21 inch waist, but a burlesque class will definitely get you moving, and waking some muscles up that might have been asleep for a while! It’s low impact, so can be done by any age group (we’re looking at you, mothers of the Bride!) and by almost any level of fitness.

In addition to this…who doesn’t love the chance to play with some feather boas and fans! Props are great fun, and with a burlesque class, you’re spoilt for choice. You’ll come away with a full routine for you and your bridal party to perform and video, so you can have some long lasting memories of your hen weekend burlesque party.

Burlesque dance parties are a perfect hen party activity to kick off a hen do; they’re tasteful, fun and fantastic for building confidence. We’ve even had one group of fabulous ladies performing the routine they learnt at the party on the wedding day! You could learn all the moves then head out to a city centre cabaret later on to watch the professionals at work if you wanted to hit the town and have a burlesque theme for your hen weekend!

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